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The TRUTH about reducing joint Inflammation and avoiding dangerous drugs

According to American Kennel Club, one of the Americas oldest dog authorities in the world, the degenerative joint disease known as osteoarthritis can affect up to one out of five adult dogs.

As cartilage begins to thin with age, dogs are at serious risk of experiencing joint issues, but their owners may be unaware until serious signs emerge. Signs like not playing as much, avoids running or going up stairs, irritation when being touched and even having accidents in the home.

According to Heidi Lee, Director of Veterinaries Choice—some of the more serious arthritis cases will require non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), but not without serious risk.

Some of the most common side effects of NSAIDs in animals reported to the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine are:

• Vomiting 
• Decreased to no appetite 
• Decreased activity level 
• Diarrhea

Other reported side effects in animals include stomach and intestinal ulcers, stomach and intestinal perforations, kidney failure, liver failure, and death.

Fortunately, there have been recent advancement in the pet wellness industry which provide pet owners an alternatives to relieve joint inflammation without the use dangerous drugs as their first option.

Heidi Lee who has observed thousands of cases of arthritic dogs has found that dogs in many cases will respond postively to a Premium Grade Joint Supplement as a first-line of treatment.

The Arthritis Foundation writes, “differences in the effectiveness of supplements may be caused by variations in dosing and quality of the supplements. ...effectiveness between different brands can vary a lot”.

Ingredients and formulations make a big difference

Veterinaries Choice has formulated a well researched and evidence-based joint supplement for dogs suffering from joint pain. Since 2005, the research team responsible for the Synovial | Hip & Joint Flex formulation carefully selects and processes ingredients that are more than 2X the potency compared to most brands on the market

"A key differentiator with us is the high criteria we use when sourcing raw ingredients. Every batch is approved and certified for purity and potency, meaning that dogs will get the freshest ingredients, with no artificial fillers added",  said Heidi Lee in an interview amongst industry leaders.

Most dogs experience the following benefits in the first 14 days of use:

• Soothing joint relief 
• Improved stiffness and flexibility 
• Minimal or no muscle tenderness 
• Enhanced mobility throughout the day 

It's called Synovial | Hip & Joint Flex.

If your dog is 25 pounds and up, click here to see if you qualify today:


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